Music Scene reviews ‘In Another Life’ album

“A must for all Indie/Americana Blues Rock fans!” Music Scene Wales.

Emily goes on to write:

“This beautifully written album is one that tells of Lukes demons and vulnerabilities through his sweet lyrics full of emotion. All the songs were written about a period of time in Luke’s early stages of alcohol recovery, which he talks about as being in another life. 
His vocals are honest and raw, with songs like ‘Love Is A Reason’ that are deep and meaningful to the upbeat and dynamic ‘Over and Out’. This album is full of heart”.

Debut Album Out Now

With nearly 300,000 streams over the first weekend, Shadow Bones debut album has been described as everything from “Beautifullly written” to “A future classic.” All the songs were written about a period of time in Luke’s early stages of alcohol recovery, which he talks about as being in another life.

“No matter who you are, how young or old you are everyone has good times and bad times. Each of us has our own individual journey in life and some of us are lucky enough to change direction.

If you had the chance to live your life again, what would you do differently?”

‘Better View’ released Fri 25 March

Shadow Bones aka Luke Williams was born in lockdown, a challenging time for all of us, which opened the door to Luke’s old demons. Luke said: “Writing songs in lockdown was cathartic, a means of therapy. It transported me back to a dark period of time I had left behind when I was battling sobriety demons, in the early years of recovery.

The single ‘Better View‘ is about exactly that, seeing life in a better view. Imagining if you could maintain that childhood first love throughout your whole life. When you had no jobs, money worries, commitments, all you had was each other and that was all you needed to think about. I remember when I was a child looking at my parents and seeing their troubles and difficulties and thinking I never want to grow up. But before I knew it I was a parent myself dealing with probably similar difficulties. My dad used to say ‘I didn’t need to start worrying about life until my head was over his shoulder’. Well now I’m that tall, maybe if we all sometimes took a better view on life, the world might be a happier place.

Better View is released on Friday 25th March and is the follow up to singles ‘100 Years’, ‘Everlasting Glow’, ‘Our Story’ and ‘Love Is A Reason’.

Single – 100 Years (Acoustic)

Celebrating seven years sober Shadow Bones’s new song ‘100 Years‘ is a personal yet inspirational reflection on life, featuring a hauntingly melancholic cello solo, played by Harry Robinson (Sam Smith first 2 albums + Rag N Bone Man). The video describes a challenging story about alcohol abuse. Shadow Bones’s story is also a feature campaign with Alcohol Change UK, for which we are are asking for donations.

Luke Williams said: “The song is called ‘100 Years’ because its’ about no matter how many years go by, what’s been said and done can never change, but the person that’s said and done those things can. So stop worrying about what life could be and start believing what it can be.”

The song has received advanced plays on Channel Radio, Argyll FM, Belter FM, Celtic Music Radio, Dean Radio, Fantasy Radio, Salford Radio, Nova FM, Swindon 105, Spark FM, Sound Lab Radio, Severn FM, Maritime Radio, Shoreditch Radio, West Norfolk Radio, Radio Woking, At The Barrier, and Northern Quarter Radio.

Interview with BBC Bristol

Shadow Bones had a revealing chat with Claire Cavanagh on BBC Bristol about lockdown, the writing of Shadow Bones music, his support of Rok Soba, and an interesting tale about Liam Gallagher. Worth a listen!