“Timeless salt of the earth songwriting…” Alex, Clash Magazine

Shadow Bones aka Singer/songwriter Luke Williams has been writing and recording songs for nearly 20 years. With international chart success and music used globally Luke has a wealth of stories from playing to audiences of over 30,000, partying with Primal Scream and being asked to have a fight with Liam Gallagher at a fashion shoot.

After years of imitating a rock star life Luke confronted his inner demons and began his path to sobriety. Celebrating six years sober, he is a passionate supporter of brands such as ‘Rok Soba’ – for good times without booze.

Shadow Bones was born in lockdown, a challenging time for all of us, which opened the door to Luke’s old demons. Luke said: “Writing songs in lockdown was cathartic, a means of therapy. It transported me back to a dark period of time I had left behind when I was battling sobriety demons, in the early years of recovery. Being in lockdown gave me that time to reflect on life, what’s been, appreciate what you do have and what you don’t. I never thought a bag of pasta would mean so much to me.”

In less than two weeks an albums worth of material was written and one month later it was recorded. Shadow Bones releases his debut single ‘Our Story’ on Feb 19th. Luke says: “The song Our Story is a reflection on looking back and realising what you have lost and what was important and what you should change. Its’ a commercial indie rock take on a classic southern rock feel.”

Shadow Bones will release a string of indie classics in 2021, covering Luke’s story from high life to homelessness. A story worth telling.

Luke is very busy in the meantime working on a clothing range within his brand Moody Mikes and also a jewellery collaboration with his friends DAD of Sweden.