Single – 100 Years (Acoustic)

Celebrating seven years sober Shadow Bones’s new song ‘100 Years‘ is a personal yet inspirational reflection on life, featuring a hauntingly melancholic cello solo, played by Harry Robinson (Sam Smith first 2 albums + Rag N Bone Man). The video describes a challenging story about alcohol abuse. Shadow Bones’s story is also a feature campaign with Alcohol Change UK, for which we are are asking for donations.

Luke Williams said: “The song is called ‘100 Years’ because its’ about no matter how many years go by, what’s been said and done can never change, but the person that’s said and done those things can. So stop worrying about what life could be and start believing what it can be.”

The song has received advanced plays on Channel Radio, Argyll FM, Belter FM, Celtic Music Radio, Dean Radio, Fantasy Radio, Salford Radio, Nova FM, Swindon 105, Spark FM, Sound Lab Radio, Severn FM, Maritime Radio, Shoreditch Radio, West Norfolk Radio, Radio Woking, At The Barrier, and Northern Quarter Radio.


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