Shadow Bones – Over and Out

Singer Songwriter Shadow Bones releases ‘Over and Out’ on Fri 27th May. An indie rock song about one partner not wanting to face when a relationship ends, it is receiving…

‘Over and Out’ release date

Shadow Bones’s song ‘Over & Out’ is scheduled for release 27th May. To celebrate you can get this very cool single cover on a T-shirt!

‘Better View’ released Fri 25 March

Shadow Bones aka Luke Williams was born in lockdown, a challenging time for all of us, which opened the door to Luke’s old demons. Luke said: “Writing songs in lockdown…

Single – 100 Years (Acoustic)

Celebrating seven years sober Shadow Bones’s new song ‘100 Years‘ is a personal yet inspirational reflection on life, featuring a hauntingly melancholic cello solo, played by Harry Robinson (Sam Smith…

Interview with BBC Bristol

Shadow Bones had a revealing chat with Claire Cavanagh on BBC Bristol about lockdown, the writing of Shadow Bones music, his support of Rok Soba, and an interesting tale about…

New Single ‘Love Is A Reason’

New single LIAR is out now here and already picking up airplay.